State-of-the-Art Technology Ensures Maximum Recovery

We offer two alternative forms of precious metals assaying at our locations; X-ray machine assaying and fire assaying.

X-ray Machine Assaying Method

  • X-ray Machine assaying is a faster method than fire assaying but also yields high accuracy results.
  • The metal is melted into a bar; a sample is drilled, and then the sample is X-rayed through one of our two onsite X-ray machines to determine purity.
  • X-ray Analysis Equipment: this technology is used for all machine assays and ensures the most accurate results in less than one minute. At BMX Metals, you will never wait a week for your assay results.
  • The machine assay is generally accurate to five parts per thousand.
  • This method of assaying is provided free of charge.

Fire Assaying Method

  • More time consuming, but has the highest level of accuracy. Monetary advances are available before we have final results in order to help with your cash flow needs.
  • Metal is melted down then the precious metal sample is chemically separated from the other metals, giving the exact purity of the bar.
  • It takes about 3 -4 business days.
  • The amount of precious metal is then calculated based on the after-melt weight and the results of the fire assay. This process is the standard for valuing gold and silver at major mining companies and refineries.