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Our local Tampa gold refinery staff is ready to help you. Come see us today.

We offer fast refining turnaround with our same day, on-site job processing right here in Tampa, Fl. Maximize your assets without losing control of them. Don’t mail your gold and silver away and wait. Experience the benefit of using a local Tampa gold refinery. Witness your own melt and get a fast settlement.

BMX Metals

3902 Corporex Park Drive, Suite 550
Tampa, FL 33619

Phone: (813) 626-1188
Toll-Free: (888) 257-7774  

Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Tampa Gold Refinery

Gold is at a record high and cash flow is vital. That’s why all of our clients receive the benefit of these refinery services:
  • Same day settlement on your gold, silver, platinum or palladium refining.
  • NO SHIPPING CHARGE. Free pickup or your precious metals. Free delivery of your settlement.
  • DAILY REFINING. We process your precious metals the same or next day we receive it.
  • RAW MATERIAL SPECIALISTS. Our refinery experts can identify all precious metals accurately to provide the greatest yields and highest returns on your gold, silver and more.
  • X-RAY ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY. Our in-house X-ray analysis machines enable us to provide our clients with very accurate assays of their precious metals.
  • IN HOUSE MELTING & LABORATORY. We melt, refine and assay in our refinery facilities.
  • STONE RECOVERY – We employ a unique Chemical Stone Recovery Process that allows your gems to be safely recovered from precious metals for new and future uses.