Los Angeles, CA

Your Local Los Angeles Gold Refinery

In Los Angeles, there’s just one place for the best same-day gold refining.

Why ship your gold to strangers when you can visit us in person for same day refining of your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium? Not only do we help our clients realize the best return on their metals, we offer chemical stone recovery so they can preserve the value of their gems too. Experience the benefits of using a local Los Angeles refiner. Witness your own melt and get a fast, fair settlement today.

BMX Metals

640 S. Hill St. Suite #639
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Toll-Free: (888) 257-7774  

Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Visit Our Los Angeles Refinery

Recovering the value of your gold and silver is vital to your cash flow. That’s why every client at our Los Angeles office benefits from these premium refinery services:
  • Same day settlement on your metals.
  • No shipping fees. We offer free pickup of your metals and free delivery of your payment.
  • Same day refining.
  • X-ray analysis for the most accurate assays.
  • In-house laboratory for the fastest, most accurate refining and assaying.
  • Chemical stone recovery for the safest gem recovery and reuse.
  • Raw material specialists ensure the greatest yields and highest returns by accurately identifying your precious metals.