Refinement Details

Integrity in Every Step

Each day BMX Metals receives and analyzes different types of precious metal containing materials. Products from mines or industries in the form of ingots or workshop waste will be restored to their former glory. When the precious metals are received at BMX Metals, we inspect and record the contents of the packages. We ensure that all weights documented on the packing slip are correct. All clients are notified when their packages have arrived in our facility. Each client’s batch is controlled and treated with special attention from the moment of receipt; we keep a careful eye on the state of packaging and weight of the material received. We also perform rapid preliminary analysis. Because we’re local, you can also bring your metals in personally and witness your melt.

  • Your material is separated into a “with stones” lot and a “without stones” lot.
  • Your material is assigned a lot number.
  • Lots without stones are processed on site. Your material is melted into a single bar.
  • Lots with stones are processed in our laboratory using our Chemical Stone Recovery Process.
  • The bar and samples are assayed through the most appropriate method.
  • The spectrometer provides us with an assay on your precious metals.
  • Your settlement is analyzed.
  • Payment is made based upon after-melt weight and percentage of precious materials.
  • You’re provided a settlement amount.
  • Our settlement options include standard check, overnight check, or wire transfers deposited directly into your account.
  • Lots with stones recovery: your stones are cleaned, weighed, and returned to you via FedEx or you may collect them in person.

As you can see, we are hands-on at every step, and you are advised throughout the process. Contact us today for information on our services and how we can assist you and your business. Learn how to take advantage of our precious metals refining services and convert your inventory and scraps into valuable cash today!